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Dog Grooming

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Dog grooming is essential for both your dog's good looks and his health. However, doing these tasks at home may be complicated, so you might want to consider two benefits of professional dog grooming.
1. Healthy Grooming
Professional pet groomers know exactly how to make your dog handsome without causing any injuries. If you try grooming your dog at home you might end up hurting your dog with cuts, scratches or skin irritations.
The pet groomers will thoroughly inspect your dog's paws for cuts, thorns or punctures. When detecting these they will apply antiseptic solutions to avoid an infection.
If your pet has a skin condition, a groomer will be able to apply the most suitable products to protect your dog's skin. If you try grooming your pet at home and he has a skin condition, you might only cause irritations.
2. Trouble-Free Nail Trimming
Dogs need a nail trim once a month. Nail trimming is a dreaded task for most pet owners. Dogs don't like the process and you can end up cutting the nail too short. A dog groomer knows exactly how to make your dog cooperative and cut the nails to the appropriate size.eated like their own.  

Our professional dog groomers have a wealth of expperience and will make sure your new purppy, or just your new addition, are treated like their own.  A full range of services are offered, including a self-serve dog wash, routine bathing---which includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, along with grinding if requested at a nominal additional charge.  Our groomers can answer many of your questions concerning the care of your pet as grooming is considered a vital part of your dog's overall health and well being.. 

   Holistic Dog Food and Treats   

Huge Selection of Pet Food,Treats, and Biscuits

Benefits of Holistic Food
Holistic' used in the context of dog food relates to a diet that takes care of the entire well-being of your pet and one of the ways we can do this is by feeding our dogs good quality ingredients that will not only feed his hunger, but will 'feed' his entire body.
Holistic dog food helps to keep the entire body healthy.
A holistic diet will treat thecause of any symptoms, not just the recurring symptoms themselves; it's about treating the entire condition of the body.
For example, your vet can treat your dog's ongoing diarrhea problem quite easily, but what's the point of treating the diarrhea without first trying to find out what's causing it?
Holistic healing treats the underlying 'disease' or problem, not just the symptom and that well known phrase, 'You are what you eat' is a great example of holistic healing.

We carry brands such as :
Acana, Blackwood, Orijen, Victor, Blue Baffalo, Victor, Zignature, Fussie Cat, Weruva, Earthborn, Health Extensions, Evangers, Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Precise, Fromm, Nutrisource, Pure Vita, Merrick, Diamond Naturals, Wholesomes, Sportmix, and Apex.

Dog and Cat Supplies

Great Selection of Collars, Sprays,Toys and more 

We offer the highest quality  pet supplies in Lexington,SC. This includes bedding, flea sprays and powders, collars & leads, toys, many treats and biscuits,. dog houses, shampoos, and much more!